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This week we look at the giant that consumes trees, Duramboros!

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Duramboros Icon Giant brute wyverns with hammer-like growths on their tails. They subsist on fallen or withered trees, often using their tails to knock said trees over. Researchers speculate that the lumps on their backs act as some sort of energy source.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

Dobo Scan 7
Dobo Scan 7

Rare 6 (MHGen)

  • Partbreaker

Rare 6 (MHGen)

  • Partbreaker

Interesting Facts About Duramboros

  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Superfamily: Tail Hammer Wyvern
  • Family: Duramboros

  • Duramboros gets the title, Tail Hammer Wyvern, from obviously their tail.
  • When Duramboros are sleeping or just lying down, they can easily be mistaken for a large mound or hill.
  • Trees are Duramboros's staple diet. They use their tail to knock down trees in order to feed on them, which is the reason why they evolved this hammer-like tail. Most fallen trees found in areas are actually caused by Duramboros. They also use their tail for defense against threats and will use their tail in more ways to help them fight threats, such as spinning around in a circle. The only downside is that Duramboros take a long time to recover after some attacks, making them highly vulnerable to a counter attack from threats.
  • As the Dumramboros grow, the new tail shell moves outward and pushes the old away.
  • Duramboros are very territorial to a point where if anything carelessly approaches them, they will attack and possibly even kill that creature without warning. It is actually a lot more aggressive than most predatory Brute Wyverns.
  • Its shell is incomparably thick and cannot be damaged by ordinary monsters. On its shell are moss and mushrooms that grow on it. It is theorized that they use this to retain moisture and warmth, but the moss actually serves as a shock absorber for older Duramboros. The mushrooms and moss are also said to serve as food if they aren't able to find any food.
  • Their humps store nutrients and fat, which they can burn a lot of when enraged so they can move faster and attack more violently.
  • Duramboros's horns are wider than a man's chest. These horns are used to intimidate and charge at threats.
  • Duramboros are oviparous so they lay eggs. Female Duramboros live in herds and guard their nests from predators, while male Duramboros live alone. While young, males live alone not to far away from the herd as they grow up.
    • Interestingly, most of the Duramboros we hunt are almost always male.
  • During the winter, Duramboros dig underground to hibernate and use their humps to survive through it. It is said during the fall, that Duramboros will eat just about anything to survive the winter, including some man-made objects made of wood.
  • The mushrooms and humps from Duramboros are a delicacy to hunters, though the Guild rarely get request to hunt them for that reason.
  • Due to constant pounding its tailbone has worn into a spherical shape.

Duramboros's BGM

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Gamerip Soundtrack Mountain Stream Battle

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Gamerip Soundtrack Mountain Stream Battle

MHP3rd: Misty Peaks Music Theme


MHP3rd Doburu Intro

MHP3rd Doburu Intro

Title MHP3: Doboruberuku Introduction
by MHP3rdFrance
Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Mountain vs

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Mountain vs. Mole (Kayamba and Duramboros intro)

Title MH3G: Doboruberuku Introduction
by GSD993
MHP3rd Hammer Tail Wyvern (5* Village Quest Urgent)

MHP3rd Hammer Tail Wyvern (5* Village Quest Urgent)

Title MHP3: Gameplay (Greatsword)
by ChetzB
MHP3rdドボルベルク初戦闘(1 3)

MHP3rdドボルベルク初戦闘(1 3)

Title MHP3: Gameplay (Longsword)
by mimusu1634

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