Hello, and welcome to the first Monster Appreciation Week for Monster Hunter Generations!

This week we look at the Great Jaggi's replacement, Great Maccao!

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MHGen-Great Maccao Icon Leader of the pack-hunting Maccao, the Great Maccao is easily spotted by its large size and feather-like yellow crest. It can balance on its own tail and spring forward for a deadly strike, but when weakened, its lesser Maccao cousins are quick to turn tail and run.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

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Low rank

  • Airborne

Low rank

  • Airborne

Interesting Facts About Great Maccao

  • Maccao are known to mainly attack with their legs.
  • Maccao packs are known to mainly inhabit the Jurassic Frontier.
  • Great Maccao are mature males of the Maccao species.
  • Great Maccao is the leader of the Maccao pack and largest ones of the pack.
  • To show its leadership, Great Maccao has colorful feathers on its head.
  • Great Maccao feed on smaller prey and work together to take out bigger game.
    • It has even been found to feed on eggs belonging to Flying Wyverns.
  • Despite Great Maccao being the leader of the Maccao pack, it barely has any control of the Maccao, compared to other Bird Wyverns, and rarely tries to help its pack from danger. Great Maccao would rather run than fight with their pack and their pack would rather run than fight with their leader.
  • Great Maccao are roughly the same size as Great Jaggi.
  • It is considered to be one of the most agile Bird Wyverns around.
  • Great Maccao tail is just like a kangaroo in a sense. It has powerful legs it uses to kick threats and to move with great speed plus its tail allows it to propel itself forward and jump with tremendous force.
    • It even can keep standing on tail with its whole body's weight.
  • Though its tail is an important tool, once its tail is broken, Great Maccao are heavily handicapped due to them using their tail for many attacks and movements.
  • Great Maccao skin has dull colors.
  • Only male Maccau have the feathers on their head.
  • Its spine is the most robust rigid of its body.

Great Maccao was nicknamed the Kangaroo Wyvern (カンガ竜).

  • Its design is a combination of the Archaeopteryx and partially Native Americans with its mowhawk.
  • The red underbelly is warning colors to scare potential threats.
  • The developers wanted Great Maccao to be different from their new base, the other Dog Wyverns.
  • Great Maccao's equipment was designed after Bherna concept. This is due to them not wanting to copy and paste another Jaggi-like design.

Great Maccao's BGM

Battle Great Maccao 【ドスマッカォ戦闘】 Monster Hunter Generations Soundtrack

Battle Great Maccao 【ドスマッカォ戦闘】 Monster Hunter Generations Soundtrack

MHGen Great Maccao Theme


Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Gameplay

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Gameplay

Title Monster Hunter X - Great Maccao Gameplay
by Kogath
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