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This week we look at the glutton of the sands, Nibelsnarf!

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Nibelsnarf Icon Leviathans that have adapted to live in sandy areas. They burrow beneath the desert and locate prey aurally, then suck both the target and any surrounding sand into their maws. The gill-like organs in their mouths are thought to absorb nutrients.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★

Monster Hunter Generations Equipment

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Low rank (MHGen)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Gourmand

High rank (MHGen)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Punishing Draw

Low rank (MHGen)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Gourmand

High rank (MHGen)

  • Speed Eating +1
  • Reload Speed +1

Interesting Facts About Nibelsnarf

  • Order: Leviathan
  • Suborder: Bottom Feet Wyvern
  • Infraorder: Latent Mouth Wyvern
  • Family: Nibelsnarf

  • Firstly, it gets the title Latent Mouth Wyvern from its huge mouth.
  • While under the sand, most of its body is hidden under the sand except its face and some of its back.
  • Its claws have evolved to be able to quickly and easily burrow through the desert sand. This allows it to dig and swim through the sand with ease along with allow it to ambush prey from under the sand.
  • Nibelsnarf is able to find prey by using vibrations and sound. When it senses prey is near, it will get up close to its prey and than ambush it with a single powerful bite. Its been recorded that Nibelsnarf can eat two Rhenoplos at once and while eating it will swallow large amounts of sand. A Nibelsnarf has even been reported to have eaten a whole merchant cart.
  • That little uvula stores nutrients and absorbs them. This organ is very important to them and they need this to survive in the harsh desert. Their scalp holds various other important organs.
  • Its gills are used to get rid of large amounts of sand that it swallowed and to absorb minerals. Sometimes they will use this sand, they swallowed as weapon against threats by sucking in some and firing it at targets. Their main weapon though is their mouth.
  • Nibelsnarf aren't very aggressive monsters, they just have a big appetite that sometimes isn't easily satisfied. Its suggested that if you are traveling through the Sandy Plains to try not to go around the sand much from them because they might mistake you for prey. If on the sand, look for small hills of sand and look to see if any pockets of sand is shooting from any of them.
  • Its Vivid/Brilliant/Dazzling Fluid helps it retain water and allows it to thrive in the desert.
  • Its hide has many different bright colors surprisingly upon in contrast to the outer shell. The hide of some Nibelsnarf is strong enough to withstand the desert and strength was honed by its long exposure to the desert sand.
  • The shell of Nibelsnarf has great strength and hornlike bulges.


Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Glutton of the Sands (Nibelsnarf intro)

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Glutton of the Sands (Nibelsnarf intro)

Title MH3U: Glutton of the Sands
Provided by GSD993
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