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This week we look at the Floating Sleep Wyvern, Nightshade Paolumu!

MHWI-Nightshade Paolumu Render 001
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Nightshade Paolumu Icon A Paolumu subspecies capable of putting prey to sleep. It produces a powerful sedative gas stored within its throat sac that it can expel and scatter to knock unwary foes out.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Equipment

Master Rank (Alpha)
Master Rank (Beta)

Rare 9

  • Wide-Range (Lv5)
  • Sleep Attack (Lv3)
  • Maximum Might (Lv2)
  • Sleep Resistance (Lv2)
  • Weakness Exploit (Lv1)

Rare 9

  • Wide-Range (Lv2)
  • Sleep Attack (Lv2)
  • Sleep Resistance (Lv2)
  • Weakness Exploit (Lv1)
  • Maximum Might (Lv1)

Interesting Facts About Nightshade Paolumu

Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Wyvern Feet - Superfamily: Inflating Neck Wyvern - Family: Paolumu

  • Nightshade Paolumu is a subspecies of Paolumu that lives in the Wildspire Waste.
  • While its cousin feeds on coral eggs, Nightshade Paolumu preys upon Carrier Ants.
  • While Paolumu breathes wind at enemies, Nightshade Paolumu is capable of firing gas out of its mouth that puts any potential threats to sleep.
    • This gas potentially comes from the Carrier Ants it feeds on.
  • Compared to Paolumu, Nightshade Paolumu seems to be a better flyer than its cousin yet prefers to stick to the ground.


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