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This week we look at the Gold Lion, Rajang!

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Rajang Icon An ultra-aggressive creature that few have a chance of surviving against. Sports powerful arms that pack a punch, and turns gold when angry.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Equipment

Master Rank (Alpha)
Master Rank (Beta)

Rare 11

  • Rajang's Rage (2 pieces of armor to activate) - Mind's Eye/Ballistics
  • Rajang's Rage (4 pieces of armor to activate) - Protective Polish
  • Handicraft (Lv5)
  • Resentment (Lv5)
  • Weakness Exploit (Lv3)
  • Speed Sharpening (Lv2)
  • Attack Boost (Lv2)

Rare 11

  • Rajang's Rage (2 pieces of armor to activate) - Mind's Eye/Ballistics
  • Rajang's Rage (4 pieces of armor to activate) - Protective Polish
  • Resentment (Lv5)
  • Weakness Exploit (Lv3)
  • Attack Boost (Lv1)

Interesting Facts About Rajang

Order: Sharp Claw - Suborder: Hard Teeth - Superfamily: Unknown - Family: Rajang

  • Rajang is a species of Fanged Beast that is rarely ever seen by humans due to its elusive nature and heightened aggression. Rajang is described to be an ultra-aggressive monster that won't stop brutalizing any enemy until either it dies or its enemy does.
    • Many experienced hunters have gone hunting for Rajang, but few have returned alive.
    • In the New World, Rajang are known leave territorial markings in the ground in their turf as a warning to intruders. If they catch a creature in their turf, they'll give a quick warning before attacking relentlessly.
  • Rajang was thought to be an Elder Dragon in old legends, mainly from the fact that the fur on its back resembled wings from a distance, but that changed once the monster was officially discovered. There was another report in the Volcano about a Kirin fighting some kind of unknown monster, which was later confirmed to be Rajang. Although Rajang isn't one, its strength and power are easily comparable to one.
    • It's confirmed that even Elder Dragons tend to avoid encountering Rajang, especially Kirin.
    • The only monsters that stand a chance against Rajang are other Elder Dragon-Level Monsters and Elder Dragons.
  • Despite being ultra-aggressive, Rajang is quite intelligent for a monster and is well-known for evading traps placed by hunters.
  • The arms of Rajang are brimming with muscle, so hunters need great armor to tank through its blows. Rajang has been seen punching through boulders and picking them up with one arm, and can even hold back some of the strongest monsters by using its immense strength to overpower its foes.
    • Its claws and fangs can tear through just about anything with ease while the horns on its head can rip through an Elder Dragon's scales.
  • The main reason why Rajang was thought to be an Elder Dragon for a long time was from the fur on its body "changing." Rajang is known as the Gold Lion from its fur becoming gold when it's enraged, which is caused by electricity flowing through its body. Unlike most thunder element monsters, Rajang doesn't have a sac to produce the element. Rajang can naturally condense electricity in its body and convert it into calories, but it builds up so much inside of its body that it needs to get rid of excess electrical energy out of its body and does so by firing golden projectiles or beams from its mouth.
    • It's also believed that Rajang gains the energy that it produces from prey.
  • To further increase its strength for defense, Rajang is capable of hardening the muscles in its arms and making them as hard as a rock, causing most attacks to bounce off its body.
  • Young Rajang can charge up electricity but can't use it. They gain the ability to use electricity from Kirin. When the juvenile reaches a certain age and size, it'll look for a Kirin and fight it, as part of a ritual to it becoming an adult. If the Rajang can rip off the Kirin's horn and eat it, it'll gain the ability to control the electricity in its body.


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