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This week we look at Glavenus's Second Deviant, Rustrazor Ceanataur!

MHGU-Rustrazor Ceanataur Render 001
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
MHGU-Rustrazor Ceanataur Icon The Rustrazor Ceanataur uses its huge pincers and the shell on its back to attack any assailants. From its Gravios shell it shoots jets of water that drill into the ground, and its Glavenus-shaped pincers can shear through steel. This two-sided nature makes it a force to be reckoned with, and earned it the name "Rustrazor". Requires special permission to hunt.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

MHGU Equipment

G-rank (Blademaster)
2ndGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 002
G-rank (Gunner)
2ndGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 002

Rare X

  • Rustrazor Soul (Guard +2 and Quick Sheath)
  • Rustrazor Soul X (Guard +2, Quick Sheath, and Bladescale Hone)
  • Guard Up
  • Razor Sharp

Rare X

  • Rustrazor Soul (Guard +2 and Quick Sheath)
  • Rustrazor Soul X (Guard +2, Quick Sheath, and Bladescale Hone)
  • Guard Up
  • Pierce/Pierce Up

Interesting Facts About Rustrazor Ceanataur

Order: Decapoda - Infraorder: Anomura - Superfamily: Sickle Crab - Family: Ceanataur - Species: Shogun Ceanataur

  • Usually, a Ceanataur is born with a poison gland, allowing it to protect itself from predators, but Rustrazor Ceanataur wasn't born with one, so it had to find other ways to survive while it was young. It seems this individual further sharpened its claw for protection from predators.
    • It seems that the lack of a poison gland was caused by some kind of genetic defect.
  • Its behavior has changed over time, causing it to fight differently from others of its kind. It is known to use the skull of a Gravios to attack from a distance via jets of water, while at close range, it uses a Glavenus skull.
  • Due to Rustrazor Ceanataur sharpening its claws, they've taken on a new form that is much deadlier than a normal individual's. Usually, these claws are sheathed but it will reveal them when it truly feels threatened. While unsheathed, its claws are rusty, but it has found a way to sharpen them. By using the Glavenus skull, Rustrazor Ceanataur is able to resharpen its claws, giving them a rainbow shine and their killing power, though this also makes them more fragile.
    • With a single slash of its claws, Rustrazor Ceanataur can slice anything in two, including a hunter's armor, giving it the nickname Rustrazor.
    • Much like Glavenus's tail, Rustrazor Ceanataur's claws become rusty again after a certain period of time.
  • Its claws have an unrivaled beauty and toughness.
  • Its thick, durable carapace is used only by the finest craftsmen.
  • A skull bone has been found inside of Rustrazor Ceanataur.

Development Comments

Since Shogun Ceanataur is known to wear the skulls of other monsters, the MH Team thought of ways they could change its behavior by giving it different skulls. Rustrazor Ceanataur was made to be paired up with Stonefist Hermitaur, both similar yet different, so they contradict each other like the spear and the shield. To make this Deviant of Shogun Ceanataur come to life, they chose a monster with a sharper blade to be its new skull, Glavenus.


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