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This week we look at MHWI's Flagship Monster, better known as the Iceborne Wyvern, Velkhana!

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Velkhana Icon An elder dragon said to freeze all in its path. According to legend, it can control the cold, and use its freezing breath to conjure massive spires of ice out of nowhere.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Equipment

Master Rank (Alpha)
Master Rank (Beta)

Rare 12

  • Velkhana Divinity (2 pieces of armor to activate) - Critical Element
  • Velkhana Divinity (4 pieces of armor to activate) - Frostcraft
  • Coalescence (LV3)
  • Quick Sheath (Lv3)
  • Critical Draw (Lv3)
  • Flinch Free (Lv3)
  • Divine Blessing (Lv2)

Rare 12

  • Velkhana Divinity (2 pieces of armor to activate) - Critical Element
  • Velkhana Divinity (4 pieces of armor to activate) - Frostcraft
  • Quick Sheath (Lv3)
  • Divine Blessing (Lv2)
  • Flinch Free (Lv2)
  • Critical Draw (Lv2)

Interesting Facts About Velkhana

Order: Elder Dragon - Suborder: Ice Dragon - Family: Velkhana

  • Velkhana is a legendary Elder Dragon that was thought to be a mere myth.
  • This Elder Dragon mainly lives in cold mountainous environments, like the Hoarfrost Reach or Tundra Region of the Guiding Lands, where it encounters few creatures. It has also been seen inhabiting the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale, Coral Highlands, and Elder's Recess.
    • From it living in those secluded locations, Velkhana wasn't officially discovered by the Guild until recently.
    • While Kushala Daora molts its shell in colder regions, Velkhana goes to volcanic regions to molt and replace its blue scales.
  • Unlike most Elder Dragons, Velkhana rarely ever uses its front claws in combat since they're mainly used for gripping into the uneven snow and ice in its environment.
  • Velkhana has massive wings, estimated to be about twenty meters long, to aid it in flying. It's believed that another reason why Velkhana mainly lives in a mountainous cold environment is that it rides the wind currents found there to aid in its flight.
    • It has better flying abilities while its wings are covered in ice.
  • Velkhana is nicknamed the Iceborne Wyvern from its ability to manipulate the cold. Velkhana produces "supercooled water" inside of its body and breathes it out of its mouth. This water is below zero yet isn't frozen, but it freezes rapidly the moment it comes in contact with an object, making it an effective weapon for Velkhana. As Velkhana fights, it'll secrete some of the water out of its skin and it'll become a white mist that floats around the area. If one of Velkhana's beams come in contact with the mist, it'll create ice. Depending on where the mist is, Velkhana can form ice walls, making it harder for other creatures to maneuver through an area, and even cause large blocks of ice to fall out onto enemies.
  • Besides using its icy breath, Velkhana also mainly uses its spear-like tail as a weapon to stab enemies with. If its tail is sliced off in combat, it'll create a new one out of ice to continue its onslaught on its enemies.
  • Velkhana's power seems to come from ore that it adheres to its body. Its blue scales are pieces of ore that it has attached to its body, which it seems to use to control the supercooled water inside of it, allowing it to manipulate it so effectively.
    • Velkhana will usually nest within areas where this rare ore can be found, but recently very little of it can be found in its native habitat, the Hoarfrost Reach, causing it to venture to the Elder's Recess in search of more. This ore is made when Velkhana rapidly cools magma.
  • As a warning to any creatures that enter its territory, Velkhana is known to freeze any smaller monsters it encounters and leave their frozen corpses for all to see. Most monsters would likely leave an area immediately if they saw those frozen corpses.

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