Drexzen Drexzen 7 December 2014

Discussion of the Week: Paralysis

A very useful Status Effect, whether it helps you or monsters annoys you, Hunters know this is a memorable Effect. We're going to look some notable monsters who has this Mechanic.

  • 1 Small Monsters
    • 1.1 Vespoid and Bnahabra
    • 1.2 Genprey
    • 1.3 Cephalos
  • 2 Large Monster
    • 2.1 Khezu and Red Khezu
    • 2.2 Kirin
    • 2.3 Volvidon
  • 3 Questions

Annoying right? Hunters has always liked to hate these Neopteron. Whether your in a Gathering Quest or in a Hunting Quest, they'll sting you in the back.

Not only they can annoy you, but they can come in groups and ruin your hunt. Their leader, Gendrome, can call them in the New World so watch out.

Remember when you're in a Diablos hunt and these guys literally annoys you, they have Paralysis which gives Diablos the upper hand to damage you but…

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Drexzen Drexzen 16 February 2014

Caption Contest 17


A: "Hunter: This whole Walking with Monsters thing looked so much easier in the movies... ~GobulPower"

B: "Zinogre: Dancing, bro! It's the 'in' way to kill hunters! ~Cottonmouth255"

C: "Oh, very funny! Who used Brachy slime to stick my tail to my back!

Hunter: Don't worry, it will be gone soon.

Gigginox: Wait, what do you......Oh.....no. ~Azo369"

D: "Shortly after this scene, filming for the hunters documentary strangely ended... ~Chandler8 (can they win with there own contest?)"

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Drexzen Drexzen 7 December 2013

Caption Contest 14


Tigrex: You brought me a flower?! You shouldn't have!! -DeviljhoKiller-


Hunter: It's Dead Rising all over again! -GobulPower-


Lagiacrus: Hand it over. Now. I'm not f**king around. -PerhapsTheOtherOne-


Nargacuga: In the jungle... the mighty jungle... the Nargacuga hunts tonight... -DeviljhoKiller-


Weatherman: And over the Flooded Forest, the forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of -- OH GOD RUN! -Cottonmouth255-

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