Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Paralysis

A very useful Status Effect, whether it helps you or monsters annoys you, Hunters know this is a memorable Effect. We're going to look some notable monsters who has this Mechanic.

Small Monsters

Vespoid and Bnahabra

MH4-Bnahabra Render 001

Annoying right? Hunters has always liked to hate these Neopteron. Whether your in a Gathering Quest or in a Hunting Quest, they'll sting you in the back.


MH4-Genprey Render 001

Not only they can annoy you, but they can come in groups and ruin your hunt. Their leader, Gendrome, can call them in the New World so watch out.


MHF2-Cephalos Render 001

Remember when you're in a Diablos hunt and these guys literally annoys you, they have Paralysis which gives Diablos the upper hand to damage you but they're vulnerable to loud noises, which Diablos can stop Cephalos' movements.

Large Monster

Khezu and Red Khezu

MH4-Khezu Render 001
MH4-Red Khezu Render 001

New Hunters are having a problem facing this, there Electro Field and Electro Blast are annoying especially when enraged, so fight with caution.


MH4-Kirin Render 001

Hard skin, can summon lightning out of nowhere, and the smallest Elder Dragon in the MH World, Kirin are famous through its horn and they can ram you with its horn, ouch.


MHP3-Volvidon Render 001

This hybrid of an Armadillo/Anteater surprisingly use Para-Spit (or something), also they can produce Dung-based smoke so be careful.


  • What is your favorite Paralysis monster?
  • Your least fave?
  • Would you like to improve Paralysis in the future MH?
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