rofl. im NOT A HACKER. i just play with other people a lot. anyway, i really hate barioth and nargacuga. im a LS kinda guy, so its kinda hard to spirit bade them. especialy im MHP3. flip, that darn bari was so obnoxious. and, just so you know, im not trying to be completely negative about the series, but i cant seem to get over the fact that one of the only monsters brought back from MHFU. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE TIGREX. in every way I hate them. not only that but they also made a new tigrex to seeming to ony be an attempt to ruin my life. ugh. oh well, the rest of the game is just awesome. the tripple rathian quest offlie quest was annoying, but fun. i used the guan-dao+ to do that, i capped them all. nothing rare. -_- and the jhen-mohran is much more fun, although i will admit that its too easy offline. just to put an emphasis on this, I HATE MONSTERS THAT RESEMBLE THE TIGREX IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. INCLUDING THE TIGREX ITSELF! my only words of advice to you today is actually some wise words from my good friend Gordek on MH3, his words are as follows " Admiral Arby and I will go after the legs, icecream, fill its face with cannon shots, colonal Corey, use that balista. turn that ugly things face into whiped cream. over and out." heh, i love that guy. i also have no idea how to change the blog post name, so ukanlos wtf will do untill i figure it out.