• Gamer4845

    Hi,i just reached G-rank,can anyone recommand a suitable gunner armour for G-rank?I gotta ditch that low rank tigrex gunner,its practically useless now as i am sure to be one hit koed in G-rank with it.

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  • Gamer4845

    Ideas were taken from Hummelhunter,Look at his fan fic too ;) Hummelhunter

    Similar Fan-fic,with ideas also based from hummels,Hypnohunter!


    To view their fanfics,click on the Blog.Yes,that tab with the word blog.NOW!

    No you little idiot,click on their dam profile first.Thats better.

    -A loud squawk echos through the jungle,from behind the trees............-"hear that?"Hails asked.She was wearing her Kut Ku Y set.(Sharpness+1,Fire Resistence +10 and Health-20)weapon:Holy Sabers.Within a second or two,a Yian Kut Ku,High ranked,Took off into the air and headed away into a slightly less dense part of the jungle."Lets follow it."she hissed.Arcanine looked up and saw a rathian flying overhead,it appeared to be a G-rank one,he indicated …

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  • Gamer4845

    After reading Hummel's fanfic i wanted to make a fan fic too.i am now in making it.

    Feel Free To Contribute Suggestions.

    Latest:Noooooooooooooo my computer crashed T.T and i lost it.

    Even Moar Latest:

    main Characters:Arcanine,my own MH character.Boy

    Kel,my secondary MH character whose a girl

    terry:My real life friend's mh character,boy

    Hail:A girl,made up character.

    6 more main characters as time shall reveal..................

    Secondary Characters:NPCs.Thats it.

    New Skillz:Timer:Judges how long a small barrel bomb will take to explode,a lightning rod to strike.

    Sharpness+2.(Obvious enough?)

    Bloody Slash:Coumpound skill,Reckless Abandon+2 and Critical Hit+2

    Top-Grade Earplugs:Raviente's gonna be in this fan fic.

    Infinite Runner:(Imported from Hummelhunte…

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  • Gamer4845

    Akantor Trouble.

    October 3, 2010 by Gamer4845

    Yeah trouble,what weapon?how to increase my defense?what to bring?Recommanded Armour?Attack which part to stay safe?

    So many Questions,so little time.HELP!

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  • Gamer4845

    I failed.I refuse to believe it.i just failed.Black gravios.The Heat beam.The -Censored- Genpreys.I just failed in my battle.I been made a fool off.

    One day,i will take down that black gravios,i will take my pride back!This is a swear of my life,i have to do it.

    Note:I am not acting like this,just my favourite habit of writing stuff like this ;D

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