• HummelHunter

    Hey dudes, Hummel again. After reading The-Monster-Hunter's and Lord Invictus' game ideas where they presented their personal ultimate MH game, I decided to do it to, just to show you how I would imagine an even more great version of an incredible franchise. It will grow bit for bit, most likely weapons ideas and monsters first, then areas and equipment. Enjoy =D

    Well, Monster Hunter is self Explanatory. Why Freedom? On the first hand it was the Freedom series bringing me here, and on the second it is a powerful sounding word^^ Unlimited, well, it is the unlimited amount of ideas and spirit flowing into this. So here it is, Monster Hunter Freedom Unlimited.

    It will stay down to the basic 4 man teams on normal hunts, 2 teams at the same time …

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  • HummelHunter

    This page shows(hopefully) any special thing about my FanFic that is not mentioned in any of the MH games

    Acid:Decreases the monsters defense for a set amount of time(ranging from 1 to 5 minutes);

    Tranqilizing: inflicted by tranq bombs and some new weapons, now aditional to capturing a monster it has a chance of stopping its rage mode, reverting it back to normal

    Dual Blades:

    there different demonisation-modes, mentioned like a gunlances shelling type and have different effects:

    Power demonisation: this is our classic, red glowing demonisation we all already know

    Elemental demonisation: your blades start to glow blue and the -30% elemental penalty on dual blades is removed in this state

    Status demonisation: a yellow glowing blade. In this state, e…

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