Right... Monster Hunter Tri.... very simple game i thought when i started, then i saw the Lag... downed it [to be honest] easy, and then the Diablos. And in all the previous games for ps2 and psp ect i have never tried to beat him, and now that i need to i CANT ! anyone know a guide i can use to help me kill him and the Barios [not sure if that is the right name i will have to check, its the white lion sort of thing with 2 big teeth and really annoying counter attack moves].

so yer... before i get carried away :\

does anyone know of good tactics and ok armor & weapons i should use to defeat either of them, but ofc not using the Diablos armor because i cant get it :P

Along the lines of:






Weapon: <---- i am good with both Hammer, Great Sword and i was good with the Longsword on Unite but i havent used one on tri

i have ALL gear for ALL bosses up to the Lagiracus... Including the Rathalos and Lagiracus, but not gigginox

And again if need somone to go online with you on Wii then message me on this and we can swap Wii I.D.

MANY MANY MANY thanks if you could help me :] (Y) <------ hope that all makes sense