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MH3U-Plesioth Render 001

2ndGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 003

This Article lists all the Plesioth Weapons and Armors that can be obtained in every game.

MHF2 and MHFU Weapons

Great Sword

1stGen and 2ndGen-Great Sword Render 014 1stGen and 2ndGen-Great Sword Render 022 2ndGen-Great Sword Render 003

Dual Swords

Weapon360 Weapon081

Firestorm and Volcanic Storm share some monster materials with Lavasioth.


Weapon319 Weapon354

Note: This Lance Series shares some monster materials with Cephadrome and Green Plesioth.


2ndGen-Gunlance Render 024 2ndGen-Gunlance Render 026


2ndGen-Bow Render 037

Light Bowgun

Weapon279 English

Official Videos

Monster Hunter Freedom -- "The Ancient Piscine" (Plesioth Intro)

Monster Hunter Freedom -- "The Ancient Piscine" (Plesioth Intro)

Title MHF: Plesioth Introduction Video
by octaneblue2
Title MHF: Plesioth Ecology Video
by GSD993

And of course, you can hunt Plesioth's very own Subspecies, Green Plesioth!
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