Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Baleful Gigginox!

A Subspecies first introduced, again, in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. First western release was Tri Ultimate, though.

3rdGen-Baleful Gigginox Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Baleful Gigginox Icon A subspecies of Gigginox that uses electricity to stun prey. It is believed to be a random mutation, and as such, sightings are relatively rare. It may be possible to weaken its electrical powers by destroying the capacitor organs on its body.

MH3U Weapons

Dual Swords

MH3U-Dual Blades Render 034 Weapon Path

Indent01 Double Boltwings
IndentIndent01 Double Deathbolts

Long Sword

Gigginox Sub LS Weapon Path

Crimson Cross
Indent01 Lost Eden
IndentIndent01 Banished Blood
IndentIndentIndent01 Law of the Guilty

Hunting Horn

Gigginox Sub HH Weapon Path

Indent01 Bloodcurtler
IndentIndent01 Bloodfreezer

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Baleful Gigginox

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Baleful Gigginox

Title Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Baleful Gigginox
by DigdugDak908

And of course, you can always hunt the ordinary Gigginox species!

3rdGen-Gigginox Render 001
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