Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Zinogre!

After the utter mediocrity of Steel Uragaan last week I think this should liven things up. And I did promise it wouldn't be a subspecies this week!

MHP3-Zinogre Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Zinogre Icon Fanged wyverns whose bodies are streaked with electricity. Sharp claws and strong limbs allow them to thrive in mountainous terrain. During hunts, they gather numerous Thunderbugs to boost their power and enter a supercharged state.

MH3U Weapons

Switch Axe

Jinouga SA (Axe)
Jinouga SA (Sword)
Weapon Tree

Usurper's Downpour
Indent01 Despot's Cloudburst


Jinouga Gunlance Weapon Tree

Usurper's Roar
Indent01 Despot’s Phlogiston
IndentIndent01 Oppressor's Skyfall


Jinouga Lance Weapon Tree

Usurper's Coming
Indent01 Despot's Cacophony
IndentIndent01 Oppressor's Genesis

Hunting Horn

Jinouga HH Weapon Tree

Usurper's Growl
Indent01 Despot's Thunderclap


Jinouga Hammer Weapon Tree

Usurper's Thunder
Indent01Despot's Crackle
IndentIndent01 Oppressor's Sway
IndentIndentIndent01 Nether Warhammer
IndentIndentIndentIndent01 Nether Jarngrolnir

Weapon Images

Armor Images


Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver. - Zinogre (G-Rank) 4 players online

Title MH3U G Rank Zinogre
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