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    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Neopterons!

    I'm fairly sure we haven't done this one already, and if we have, it was ages ago.

    Do I really need to waste five minutes of your time explaining why Vespoids are bad? Though as it happens I think they have a fairly cool design. They'd be terrifying in real life, that's for sure...

    They're like psychotic little grasshoppers, only more annoying and with no sense of self-preservation.

    Well, a different idea; a swarm rather than an individual. Unfortunately it seems to make no difference, and they might as well be re-skinned Vespoids. Seriously, paralysis again?

    A lovely design, but somewhat disappointing fight. It's the limited movepool that does it - basic overhead swoop, stab with sting…

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  • Lord Loss

    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Water Element!

    Sorry it's so delayed, I was away at the weekend and it totally didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to do the DotW like normal.

    1st and 2nd Gen Monsters

    The big fish Wyvern is about as watery as you can get. Lives in water, though it does only really have one wet attack, the beam. And that's hilariously easy to avoid anyway.

    3rd Gen Monsters

    Whoever had the notion of trying to combine an amphibian and a lion was very brave, but somehow it almost works in Royal Ludroth's design. It's a fairly run-of-the-mill fight, sure, but it's supposed to be, it's an early game monster. Water element fits it very well.

    Sort of an Ice/Water combo, but it's so damn cool I thought I'd include …

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  • Lord Loss
    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Monster Hunter Frontier G!

    Another retrospective this week... although it isn't looking that far into the past.

    An absolutely huge update, and a pretty key one for the Frontier series. Not only do we get a pretty good new area, the Polar Sea but there's also a whole host of new monsters. Xiang Tien steals the limelight (and the CG videos) but I quite like Pokaradon - a sort of fairly traditional Leviathan that got lost at the North pole -and Farunokku (a little bit like Hypnocatrice but with much more electricity involved). And that's without mentioning the rather wonderful/slightly ridiculous Hyujikiki with all its brutal, fast paced attacks.

    I almost forgot Midogaron, the teleporting fire-wol…

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  • Lord Loss

    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Herbivores!

    Something different again. This isn't a comprehensive list, just wanted to cover some of the less-talked about monsters in the series.

    Both of these creatures are definitely strongly inspired by dinosaurs, but are cool designs nonetheless. Apceros are the bigger pain in the backside, obviously, with their relentless but slow approach to any Hunter even after a Diablos or whatever has given them a casual brush on the shoulder.

    It's always good to see MH get away from reptiles now and again, and these herbivores do it well... I suppose. Anteka are basically grumpy reindeer but Popo are ok, sort of small mammoths with big tusks.

    OK, Kelbi are basically just small deer with very little c…

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  • Lord Loss

    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Dragon Element!

    I really, really hope we haven't done this one already.

    Bit hesitant to include this one as it's more commonly associated with Ice element (and wind in general) but I believe some of its simpler attacks do deal Dragon element damage. And I was really running low on early-gen monsters to talk about.

    It's big, it's terrifying, and it's still weak to being lanced repeatedly in the belly. Oh, but Deviljho is such a cool monster I can forgive it basically anything.

    This is a (somewhat unusual) case of a very good original monster getting a very good Subspecies. Stygian is just as fast and brutal as before, the colour scheme and design is excellent, and he has some unique twists, like …

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