So, with the recent addition of Gajau to the Fish species, I think we should make a page for that species (similar to this one Brute Wyvern) as from now on it's possible that other fishes may be added in the future. Anyway there's a problem as Fish (the "monster") and the species share the same name, that may cause some problems with links. Anyway here's a idea of what I thought.

Fishes (Japanese: 魚類 Gyorui ) are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. A variety of different fish species exist and can be generally classified as migratory, natatorial, or carnivorous fish. Fish are likely a favorite food source for numerous other aquatic or semi aquatic creatures.

Third Generation Fishes

Fourth Generation Fishes


Fifth Generation Fishes


  • Fish is a grouping of several species of fish: Tuna, Molid, Catfish, Arowana, Sharq and Jellyfish.
  • Gajau was classified as a Piscine Wyvern in Monster Hunter: World prior to being reclassified as a Fish in the April 19, 2018 patch.

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