I recently purchased the Monster Hunter Hunting Card Art Book, which is full of, as the name implies, artwork from the Monster Hunter Trading Card Game. The book contains 175 pages of Artwork, each page with 2-3 images. The book is separated into 5 sections of Artwork: "Promotion Card/Package", "Shadows in the ocean of trees", "Strong man's bonds", "Emperor of roaring flames" and "Golden Anger". Also contained are Illustrators' comments, instructions on how to play the Trading Card Game and an Index crediting the artists for each image.

I won't be uploading all of the images, as I don't wish to make it pointless for people to buy the Art Book themselves. So if you like the Artwork, I would strongly encourage you to buy the book. Mckrongs' blog has links to where you can purchase the Art Book, as well as other Monster Hunter Merchandise. It really is worth buying the book, as there are many quality images that are not displayed here.

I have divided the images into 4 sections; Monsters, Hunters, Felynes, and Miscellaneous (although there is only one image in the entire book that fits into the "Miscellaneous" category).

I hope you enjoy the images.

Where to Buy the Book

Monsters Hunters FelynesMiscellaneous
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