Monster Hunter Cafe Truck - Pax West 2018

Hello Monster Hunter Fans!

To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch, FANDOM is bringing the first ever Monster Hunter Cafe food truck to PAX West!

We will be serving up delicious MH-themed food from the tricked-out mobile kitchen on Saturday and Sunday during the show.

Find us and have your monster hunger satisfied with Larinoth Salami Pinwheels, Cathar Tomato Caprese Sandwiches, Magma Pork Sliders, Anmo Meatball Skewers, Exquisite Rice Pudding, and Garlic Pizza Rolls, all served with a refreshing lemonade.

Chase the FANDOM Monster Hunter Cafe Truck this weekend at PAX West. Follow #FANDOMMONSTERHUNGER to find the locations.