Akantor is a pretty good monster that brings back a lot of 2nd gen nostalgia for me. While he's essentially a big Tigrex, he still feels unique enough to stand out on his own. Some of his new attacks like the circling beam are okay, though I did wish Capcom gave him just a few more changes. I also find him to be one of the monsters that randoms just can't stop triple carting to lol. Equipment wise, I don't really use the armor but it looks badass and the skills are pretty good. His weapons look absolutely awesome but need sharpness skills to really be used, though the Bow and HBG are pretty good on their own. His theme is alright but gets repetitive pretty quickly and I wish that Capcom gave it an orchestral remix like Tiggy's. Overall Akantor is a classic monster that I hope stays in future games, despite the BS drop rates for Conquest Spheres ;~;

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