Not to be confused with Subspecies, Rare Species, Burst Species, Origin Species, Lone Species, HC Monsters, Deviants, Supremacy Species, and Zenith Species.

A variant is a rare individual or anomalous group of a given species of monster. They are often almost identical to a common individual but possess one or more certain unique traits that set them apart. Variants are often more powerful and aggressive than a normal member of their species, and can sometimes be capable of augmented versions of certain attacks. 

"Variant" is not an officially recognized term within the Monster Hunter universe, and, although the prefixes listed below are official, all variants are simply assigned the regular species name in-game. They do, however, feature alternate icons on quest pages to indicate their presence instead of a normal member of the species. 

List of Variants by Game

Monster Hunter 2

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter Frontier

Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Explore



MH4-Gore Magala Render 001
MH4U-Chaotic Gore Magala Render 001
Chaotic Gore Magala
MHXR-Evangelion Gore Magala Render 001
Gore Magala Evangelion Gore Magala

Bird Wyvern

FrontierGen-Hypnocatrice Render 002
FrontierGen-Breeding Season Hypnocatrice Render 001
Hypnocatrice Breeding Season Hypnocatrice
MHGen-Yian Garuga Render 001
MHO-One-Eared Yian Garuga Render 002
Yian Garuga One-Eared Yian Garuga

Brute Wyvern

MH4-Brachydios Render 001
MH4U-Raging Brachydios Render 001
Raging Brachydios
MHXR-Evangelion Brachydios Render 001
Brachydios Evangelion Brachydios
MHW-Deviljho Render 001
MH4-Savage Deviljho and Great Jaggi Render 001
Savage Deviljho
MHXR-Aberrant Deviljho Render 001
Deviljho Aberrant Deviljho
MHW-Uragaan Render 001
MHXR-Pumpkin Uragaan Render 001
Pumpkin Uragaan
Uragaan Shiningrock Uragaan


MHGen-Shogun Ceanataur Render 001
MHO-Swordmaster Shogun Ceanataur Render 001
Shogun Ceanataur Swordmaster Shogun Ceanataur

Fanged Beast

MHO-Caeserber Render 001
MHO-Ghost Caeserber Render 002
Caeserber Ghost Caeserber
MH4-Lagombi Render 001
MHXR-Witch Lagombi Render 001
Lagombi Witch Lagombi
Rajang MH4 Render
MH4-Furious Rajang Render 001
Furious Rajang
MHXR-Enma Rajang Render 001
Rajang Enma Rajang
MHGen-Volvidon Render 001 MHXR-Christmas Volvidon and Anteka Render 001
Volvidon Christmas Volvidon

Fanged Wyvern

MH4-Zinogre Render 001
MHXR-Immortal Zinogre Render 001
Immortal Zinogre
MHXR-FFBE Zinogre Render 001
Zinogre FFBE Zinogre

Flying Wyvern

MHW-Legiana Render 001
MHWI-Shrieking Legiana Render 001
Legiana Shrieking Legiana
3rdGen-Barioth Render 001
MHXR-Frozen Barioth Render 001
Barioth Frozen Barioth
MH4-Basarios Render 001
MHO-Crystal Basarios Render 002
Basarios Crystal Basarios
MHW-Diablos Render 001
MHXR-Gilded Diablos Render 001
Diablos Gilded Diablos
MHO-Monoblos Render 001
MHO-Shattered Monoblos Render 002
Monoblos Shattered Monoblos
3rdGen-Gigginox Render 001
MHXR-Virulent Gigginox Render 001
Virulent Gigginox
MH-XR-Yoga Gigginox Render 001
Gigginox Yoga Gigginox
MHGen-Nargacuga Render 001
MHXR-Fiercewater Nargacuga Render 001
Nargacuga Fiercewater Nargacuga
MHW-Rathalos Render 001
MHXR-Flame Rathalos Render 001
Flame Rathalos
MHXR-Destruction Wyvern Rathalos Render 001
Rathalos Destruction Wyvern Rathalos
MHW-Rathian Render 001
MHO-Conflagration Rathian Render 001
Conflagration Rathian
MHXR-Scorching Heat Rathian Render 001
Rathian Scorching Heat Rathian
MH4U-Seregios Render 002
MHXR-Demonic Seregios Render 001
Seregios Demonic Seregios


3rdGen-Gobul Render 001 MHXR-Witch Gobul Render 001
Gobul Witch Gobul
MHGen-Lagiacrus Render 001 MHXR LandConquest Lagi
Lagiacrus Landconquest Lagiacrus
FourthGen-Mizutsune Render 001
MHXR-Thunderbubble Mizutsune Render 001
Mizutsune Thunderbubble Mizutsune


MH1-Felyne Render 001
MHXR-Goruru Render 001
Felyne Goruru
MH1-Melynx Render 001
MHXR-Metaru Render 001
Melynx Metaru

Piscine Wyvern

MHGen-Plesioth Render 001 MHXR-Seabream Plesioth Render 001
Plesioth Seabream Plesioth

Elder Dragon

MH4-Kirin Render 001
MHXR-Thunder Emperor Kirin Render 001
Kirin Thunder Emperor Kirin
MHW-Kushala Daora Render 001
MH4U-Rusted Kushala Daora Render 001
Kushala Daora Rusted Kushala Daora


  • Savage Deviljho is a Deviljho that has lived a very long time and has cannibalized other Deviljho.
  • The Aberrant Deviljho was created in collaboration with Attack on Titan and Capcom for the Aberrant Titan.
  • The Raging Brachydios is a Brachydios who's explosive slime mold has covered it's entire body and will spontaneously combust on contact.
  • Furious Rajang is a rare special Rajang individual that is constantly enraged for unknown reasons. Its theorized by the Guild that the Furious Rajang's power is unstable due to the loss of its tail and that its power potentially comes from its heart along with its nerves.
  • Chaotic Gore Magala is a Gore Magala which has failed to molt properly into a Shagaru Magala.
  • Rusted Kushala Daora is a Kushala Daora which has not shed its skin recently.
  • There were no variants in the first generation of Monster Hunter.
  • "One-Horned" Diablos and "One-Eared" Yian Garuga, which appeared in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, do not count as legitimate variants, as they lack an official name prefix or icon.
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