Varusaburosu are Burst Species Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G6.


Varusaborosu resemble their relatives the Diablos with numerous differences of varying size. They sport dark red bodies with some dark purple highlights and more segmented texturing, their horns sprout further back on the head and have a more heavy curve. They have five fingers instead of six with pitch black claws, a few upward curved spikes on the back of their legs, tetrads of hooked spikes lining the edges of their wings, and lack the small spikes on the tail club and large back plate. They are typically seen with their wing membranes having a fiery red, orange and yellow pattern, with orange-ish yellow patterns strewn throughout the upper body and a bit on the legs, with flames spewing from the horns, tail club and back plate. After consuming a unique type of cacti the flames and patterns will change to a mix of light purple, light blue and white.


Varusaborosu possses great speed and strength utilizing their powerful legs, tail clubs, and horns to trample, smash and skewer those in their paths. They can also utilize their abilities with their environment by causing small eruptions with stomps and tail slams, or digging up and lobbing boulders using their horns. They are capable of digging to chase down and ambush prey from below, they also appear to be lighter than their relatives as they are capable of more consistent and quick flight. But the most notable ability they possess is their fire abilities. The main food for Varusaborosu is a unique type of volcanic cacti which grows a fruit that upon consumption is processed to fuel the production of a gas within their bodies which ignites upon exposure to the air, creating the flame jets that spray from various points around their bodies which they can use to lay trails of flames all over the ground, or even spray streams of fire from their horns.


Much like their desert dwelling relatives Varusaborosu are ferociously aggressive herbivores that defend their territories with relentless aggression against intruders or threats on sight.


Varusaborosu exclusively inhabit volcanic regions such as the Battleground.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G6
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Music Themes

MHFG_ヴァルサブロス_BGM_(v2) MHFG6: Varusaburosu Music Theme


General Notes

  • Varusaburosu is a Burst Species (烈種) of Diablos.
  • The basic concept behind Varusaborosu was a Diablos combined with a stove.
  • Varusaburosu's horns can be broken, and its tail can be severed.
  • If the cactus fruit is kept from the Varusaburosu for too long, it disappears. The flames on Varusaburosu's body will go out and it becomes weaker.
  • Varusaburosu's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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