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In-Game Information

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Varusaburosu is a Flying Wyvern species that once lived in the Desert in ancient times. Varusaburosu's closest relatives are Diablos and Monoblos.

Habitat Range

Varusaburosu can only be found living in parts of the Volcano such as the Battleground.

Ecological Niche

Varusaburosu are herbivores that primarily feed on a special species of cactus found within their environment. This cactus is rare and can only be found growing in a select few areas within the Volcano, making it hard for the Varusaburosu to find. In the Volcano, Varusaburosu have to deal with predators such as Rathalos, Midogaron, Akantor, and some species of Elder Dragons. Despite this competition, Varusaburosu can protect themselves from danger no matter how powerful the foe is.

Biological Adaptions

Many parts of Varusaburosu's body is extremely hot. Varusaburosu's shell is extremely hot yet also deformed and blackened. This is due to the large amounts of heat Varusaburosu has been exposed to. The tusk of one is thick and sharp but also hot to the touch. Even Varusaburosu's very blood is hot, leaving behind smoke, or in some cases fire, when exposed to the hot air of the volcano. Its tail has a distinctive appearance from the tail of a Diablos. Produced inside this tail is a flammable gas that Varusaburosu uses as a weapon to burn its enemies to a crisp. The Varusaburosu's main weapon is its two extremely hard horns. These horns are usually covered in fire and have become harder due to it digging through the tough earth with them. Though Varusaburosu is already deadly, it needs to keep its power fueled by feeding on a particular species of cactus found in its environment. This cactus grants Varusaburosu immense power after Varusaburosu has fed on the cactus, giving it much more powerful flames.


Varusaburosu are highly aggressive Flying Wyverns. Varusaburosu will defend patches of territory with their lives in order to keep access to areas where the cactus is known to grow at. They will attack anything that is in or territory, in attempt to keep their source of immense power.

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