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Versa Pietru are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Stories.


Versa Pietru is a large manitcore Elder Dragon. It has a lion-like face with two upper gold horns and two lower gold horns with half of light blue horns with light purple spikes on each. Versa Pietru has large wings colored gold and white with spikes. Its body is covered in blue scales with gold hands and feet. It has a long gold tail with red at the end.

Behavior and Abilites

Vera Pietru is said to follow the Rider that hatches it with loyalty. However, if its rider goes out of sync, it will go berserk. It can form a barrier to make it immune to damage. When exposed to the Black Blight unleashed by Fatalis, it transforms into the Makili Pietru. It can unleash powerful light attacks in the forms of beams or powering up. Versa Pietru can also regrow broken parts of its tail or head.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Versa Pietru Icon.png Legendary White Dragon. Lights up the skies, pierces through darkness; the very embodiment of hope.


General Notes

  • Versa Pietru's head and tail can be wounded.

Monster Hunter Stories

  • Versa Pietru can only be fought once during the main story.