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Vespoid Queen is a Neopteron introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.


The Vespoid Queen looks similar to the average Vespoid but is several times larger, with a more pronounced abdomen and giant, rainbow coloured wings. She has a ridged exoskeleton covering her soft innards and she has a crown-like structure atop her head.


She has a large stinger on her tail that releases a gas which inflicts the Defense Down ailment. When sprayed with the Vespoid Queen's gas, the Vespoids in the area become much more aggressive.


Thus far, the Vespoid Queen appears to be limited to the Jungle and Old Jungle.

Game Appearances

Main Series


  • None

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Vespoid Icon.png A massive thorax and brilliant, gigantic wings mark the Vespoid Queen. It commands its subjects through unique flight patterns, and will stab any intruders with a poisonous stinger that also causes paralysis. It also spits acidic bodily fluid at its prey.


FU Hitzone Chart

Hitzone Cut Impact Fire Water Thunder Dragon Ice Stagger Limit
Body 100 100 60 40 10 0 40 400 HP

General Notes

  • Although there was a "Vespoid Queen" in a Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Download Quest, it was simply an enlarged Vespoid which could inflict greater damage and had more health than its smaller companions. Its appearance in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the first time it has been an actual separate monster from regular Vespoids.
  • Some of the Rewards obtained from defeating the Vespoid Queen can be obtained from other sources, such as the Bug Tree in Pokke Farm.
  • It is only possible to block the Vespoid Queen's acid spray by using the Guard Inc skill.
  • She can be easily stunned with Flash Bombs.
  • The Vespoid Queen cannot be affected by Pitfall Traps or Shock Traps, due to the fact that she never touches the ground (while alive).
  • In order to prompt the Vespoid Queen to appear for battle, a hunter must first kill 25 Vespoids.

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