The Queen Vespoid is the leader of a Vespoid nest. She is several times larger than the hunter and has gigantic wings. In appearance, she looks similar to the average Vespoid but has a ridged exoskeleton covering her soft innards, her wings are transparent and she has a ruby-like object on her head, hinting at her position as hive-queen. She has a large stinger on her tail that releases a gas which inflicts the Drop Defense ailment. When sprayed with the Queen Vespoid's gas, the Vespoids in the area become much more aggressive.

The Queen Vespoid doesn't appear at the start of the Quest; instead, a certain number of Vespoids (25) must be killed before she appears in a certain area (specifically Area 6 of the Jungle).


  • Although there was a "Queen Vespoid" in a Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Download Quest, it was simply an enlarged Vespoid which could inflict greater damage and had more health than its smaller companions. Its appearance in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the first time it has been an actual separate monster from regular Vespoids.
  • Some of the Rewards obtained from defeating the Queen Vespoid can be obtained from other sources, such as the Bug Tree in Pokke Farm.
  • It is possible to block the Vespoid Queen's acid spray using the Guard Inc skill.
  • The Queen Vespoid appears in MH Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village.
  • She can be easily stunned with flash bombs.

Featured quests

  • The Beating of Royal Wings (★★★★★★ guild quest)
  • The Beating of Royal Wings (Lv 7 Nekoht quests)


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