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Virulent Gigginox Topics:

Virulent Gigginox are a Variant of Gigginox, introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Virulent Gigginox heavily resemble the normal ones but their bodies sport blue and green patterns which changes to purple and red when enraged, they also have an aura of poison around them which disappears upon death.


They fight identically to Gigginox except with larger poison clouds and with the toxic gas aoe being replaced by a blast of water.


These Variants share the aggressive behavior of normal individuals.


They inhabit the Tundra much like the normal Gigginox.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


3rdGen-Gigginox Render 001

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Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
MHXR-Virulent Gigginox Icon (?)

Music Themes

【MHXR】属性特化の特殊種モンスター 戦闘BGM【熾烈極まる】

【MHXR】属性特化の特殊種モンスター 戦闘BGM【熾烈極まる】

MHXR: Variant Monster Theme


  • Virulent Gigginox does not lay egg sacs.

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