White Velociprey are Bird Wyverns and a Subspecies of Velociprey introduced in Monster Hunter G.


The only distinguishing feature of the White Velociprey is its coloration, they are rarely seen among packs of Velociprey, fighting alongside the leading Velocidrome, no White Velocidromes were ever encountered.


It is slightly stronger than the average Velociprey, but not enough to become a threat, unlike the Giaprey, White Velociprey are unable to use spit attacks.


General Notes

  • White Velociprey and Giaprey are the same species and the name White Velociprey was utilized only in the localization for Monster Hunter Freedom.
  • First introduced in Monster Hunter G during the G-Rank Online Quests, they were made to appear frequently across all ranks in Monster Hunter Freedom, among normal Velociprey.
  • From Monster Hunter 2 onwards, the Giaprey were given a unique snow-spit attack and found exclusively in cold regions and the Tower.

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