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White Velociprey are Bird Wyverns and a Subspecies of Velociprey introduced in Monster Hunter G.


Although they are of a different species, White Velociprey have been seen in packs of Velociprey. Like all of the '-prey' family, this sub-species also fights in a pack, often alongside their leader the Velocidrome, that is not as white as its white counterparts.


It is slightly stronger, physically and defensively, than the average Velociprey, and are noticeably tougher than its counterpart in battle.


  • It was originally called the White Velociprey and was put into Monster Hunter Freedom for the sole purpose of being a rare member of the Velociprey species, but was later remade into a unique species known as the Giaprey and assigned a boss known as the Giadrome, and the ice element.

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