Bow Icon White Wild Bow II (MHFU)
2ndGen-Bow Render 023 Attack 192 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute -
Affinity 0% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Shot Levels and Types Pierce Lv1
Pierce Lv2
Pierce Lv3
Rapid Lv3
Congalala Pelt (2)
Conga Pelt (12)
Iodrome Hide (2)
Coatings ItemIcon040b ItemIcon040a
ItemIcon040c ItemIcon040
Slots OO
Bonus -
Rarity ItemIcon042 (3)
Description Easy to use Bow made from durable Congalala materials. Lovely accents.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Bow Icon White Wild Bow II >> Upgraded Into
Wild Bow I Wild Bow III
Bow Weapon Tree
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