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The Wildspire Waste (Japanese 大蟻塚の荒地) is an area first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This area is a vast desert with muddy marshes, twisted canyons, branching caverns, and sandy dunes. Few monsters are adapted to this harsh environment.


Food Chain






  • Southwest Camp (1) - Starting camp
  • Central Camp (6) - Found in the center of the map, makes it easier to find monsters
  • Northeast Camp (15) - Found near Protector village, makes hunting Diablos easier
  • Eastern Camp (11) - Unlocked automatically


  • The apex monsters of the Wildspire Waste are Diablos and Glavenus.[1] [2]
  • The Wildspire Waste's water is sourced from the Ancient Forest.[3]
  • The Wildspire Waste is filled with large ant mounds, hence its name in Japanese.[4]
  • Unlike the past deserts, this area has mudflat wetlands.
  • Despite being at the top of the food chain, Diablos and its female counterpart Black Diablos, are actually herbivores.
  • A gate leading back to Astera can be found near the southeast camp.
  • Nergigante can only be fought in the Wildspire Wastes in the demo, and does not appear normally. However, you can find Nergigante tracks in the story.
  • The Rathian nest area contains several patches of a tar-like substance that burst into flames when struck by a monster's fire attacks.
    • This substance is a result of the nutrients from the decaying matter that makes up the Rathian's nest seeping out and accumulating as a flammable oil.
  • The Fissure Environmental Trap in area 8 of the Waste requires the presence of a non-aggravated Diablos/Black Diablos within area 13 or 14 to work. It is so far the only Environmental Trap that requires the participation of specific monsters.
  • As of the 4th free title update of Monster Hunter: World, Cactuars have become a permanent gameplay element of the locale, being accessible even outside of FFXIV collaboration quests. They can be chased and captured, or attacked to trigger their "Thousand Needles" AoE attack.
    • These Cactuars deal 100 damage per roughly 3 seconds throughout all Ranks. This makes them extremely deadly against Low Rank monsters, but less effective against Master Rank monsters