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In-Game Information

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Small, carnivorous bird wyverns with poison-generating organs that run from their mouths to their throats. They run in packs, often led by a large alpha male. Lesser members of the order are fiercely loyal, and will eagerly lay down their lives to protect the alpha.


Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Bird Feet - Infraorder: Runner Wyvern - Superfamily: Dog Wyvern - Family: Wroggi

Closely related to Jaggi and BaggiWroggi are adult female and the juvenile form of male Great Wroggi.

Habitat Range

It lives in subtropical areas like the Flooded Forest, Deserted Island, and lower levels of the Volcano.

Ecological Niche

Wroggi mainly feed on herbivorous monsters like Aptonoth and Slagtoth, using their poison to weaken their quarry. However, Wroggi are easy prey for large monsters like Royal Ludroth, Rathian, Rathalos, Agnaktor and Deviljho.

Biological Adaptations

Wroggi are pack hunters lead by an alpha male, called the Great Wroggi. Being pack hunters, they are highly intelligent and use teamwork to take down prey many times larger than they are. They have a special salamander-like skin that helps retain moisture in their bodies. They also have sacs in their throats that produce a deadly poison. Once a male is fully grown, these sacs acquire their infamous reputation. The interesting thing about the Wroggi is that even though it possesses a poison sac, it can still become poisoned. This is most likely because their poison is all stored within their sacs, and the rest of their body is vulnerable to being poisoned. Since their permeable skin absorbs moisture and water, it causes them to be especially prone to poison. Due to the many rivers and deep bodies of water in areas they live in, Great Wroggi and Wroggi may have the ability to swim short distances, paddling their legs while moving through the water.


Great Wroggi will call their younger brethren to help in the hunt and the protection of their nests. They will attack hunters on sight, spitting their poison to fell their foes. When unseen by hunters, Wroggi often lie down in the water to rest, even submerging their heads underwater, suggesting that they can hold their breaths for a long time or breath underwater through their skin, just like real life amphibians.

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