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MHP3-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 001


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Weapons

Sword and Shield
MHP3-Sword and Shield Render 002
Dirty Baron
Indent01 Dirty Baron+
IndentIndent01 Dirty Marquis
Long Sword
MHP3-Long Sword Render 003
Wroggi Sword
Indent01 Wroggi Sword+
IndentIndent01 Nightshade's Bite
MHP3-Bow Render 004
Wroggi Revolver I
Indent01 Wroggi Revolver II
IndentIndent01 Wroggi Revolver III
IndentIndentIndent01 Dirty Revolver

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Weapons

Sword and Shield
MH3U-Sword and Shield Render 016
Dirty Baron
Indent01 Dirty Marquis
IndentIndent01 Dirty Graf
Long Sword
MH3U-Long Sword Render 011
Wroggi Sword
Indent01 Nightshade’s Bite
IndentIndent01 Belladonna’s Bite

Weapons Gallery


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Armor

Furogi armor Male

Great Wroggi Male Blademaster armor.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Armor

Armor Gallery

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