The Wycoon (Japanese 竜人商人) is a merchant for the traveling caravan found within Val Habar.

MH4-Wycoon Render 001


Wycoon is a colorful, wise person. He is extremely reliable when a customer needs something, going to all sorts of sources for rare goods, and can give advice to people that truly need encouragement.


Originally, he traveled across many lands to trade with Villages, Cities, and Towns for various goods. Throughout his years of trading, he has obtained materials from a wide variety of traders. The Wycoon has even obtained access to some places like Pokke Farm, Kokoto Farm, Moga Farm, and the Dundorma Town Market. Due to Konchu and Seltas blocking his travel rotate, the Wycoon was stopped in his tracks until an unnamed hunter got rid of them. This event led to the Caravaneer inviting the Wycoon to his caravan as a member, which the Wycoon gladly accepted.


The Wycoon wears robes that greatly resemble Arabian traders.


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