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Wyverians (Japanese 竜人族) are a race found throughout the Monster Hunter series.

What are Wyverians?

Wyverians superficially resemble humans, but they have several traits that suggest a wyvern ancestry. They have pointed ears, four-fingered hands, and an increased lifespan. Some Wyverians can live for hundreds of years. Many, though not all , Wyverians also possess digitigrade legs. They reproduce less often than humans, resulting in a smaller population. There are height differences of great magnitude across the Wyverian population - from the very small, to the immense (a great rarity among Wyverians).

Similar to humans, they have different ethnicities and cultures. The First Wyverians, for example, have a language that's less about words and more about "vibrations".[1]

A Wyverian's Thinking

Wyverians think differently than humans, perhaps in part due to their increased lifespan, and are often considered more intelligent and rational than humans. Some Wyverians have an extensive education, more than a human can learn in a feasible timespan, and are versed in multiple subjects.[2] They are also more attuned to nature, which they greatly respect. They are more peaceful than humans and prefer to avoid conflict, but still, recognize the value of Hunters. In fact, they were the first Hunters, but eventually gave way to the human-centric Hunter's Guild and transitioned into a supporting role. There are very few Wyverian Hunters today and are considered rarities.

Wyverian humor is strange by human standards.[3]

Coexistence With Humans

Wyverians peacefully coexist with humans and often live among them, especially older individuals past their prime. Younger Wyverians are known to travel far and wide, often accompanying humans.

Known Wyverians



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