Yama Kurai is an Origin Species of Yama Tsukami, first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G8.


Yama Kurai are close relatives of Yama Tsukami and as such bear resemblance to them. Their bodies are overall bushier in appearance due to all the foliage present, with hooked claws present on their whiskers and tendrils, large stained yellow teeth, and underbellies with several large spines covering them. When desperate their upper bodies including the foliage change color from green to orange (this also applies to the leaves of the trees spawned from the special seeds on their backs).


Due to the gases produced within their bodies Yama Kurai are capable of floating through the air. Numerous plants and special seeds grow on their bodies in a similar symbiotic relationship to the Great Thunderbugs that also inhabit them and attack threats, shaking the unique seeds on their backs off, which quick grow into large trees before quickly breaking apart and dying after. They are also capable of producing a couple types of poisons to wear down opponents, done in ways such as swipes of their large tendrils while enveloping them in clouds, or even doing backflips and sending a cloud forward, or even inhaling hunters right into a cloud, as well as their mouths. The tendrils of Yama-Kurai are quite strong, allowing them to perform feats such as effectively slingshotting themselves a decent distance forward by digging two into the ground and pulling back, or using most of them to simply rip a large chunk of the mountain out, which still acts as a platform for hunter's standing on it, before proceeding to destroy it after a bit. Lastly they are capable of creating a large whirlwind by spinning around a bunch, this whirlwind slowly moves around the arena and chips away at the health of hunters who stand in it.


Yama Kurai are extremely dangerous and are best avoided. They are more aggressive than Yama Tsukami in addition to the usual threat of being sucked up while they are feeding.


While they are known to wander to many types of places they are most commonly sighted in the Highland.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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Music Themes

MHFG_グレアドモス_BGM_(v2) MHF-G: Origin Species Theme


General Notes

  • Yama Kurai is an Origin Species (始種).
  • It's possible to break the seeds that fall from Yama Kurai's body.
    • Breaking the seeds before they grow will cause them to injure Yama Kurai, causing it to fall.
  • Unlike Yama Tsukami, Yama Kurai's inhalation attack isn't a (mostly) guaranteed One Hit Kill.

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