Zenaserisu are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Zenaserisu have bodies structured similarly to Berukyurosu. They have primarily black colored bodies with bits of white and light blue throughout and white underbellies, with distinct red streaks on the whip "fingers". They have tails with three fins, wing membranes which resemble flowing water due to the color scheme and patterns, many curved spines lining their backs and tails, large bat like ears, white eyes with no pupils, and long, bladed, segemented, whip-like "fingers" on the wings which end in slightly curved blades.


Zenaseriusu primarily take on opponents by flailing their whips around and releasing large quantities of water from their bodies, belt large beams, big orbs which they'll slash apart midair to send smaller spheres raining on hunters below, or sending waves of water flying around with special swings of their whips. They can also use the whips to tear apart the environment sending rocks flying around, or creating geysers to knock the hunters into the air leaving them open for an additional strike.

One particularly notable attack is where they charge up for a few seconds, take to the air and shoot a powerful beam of water at the ground where it once stood which noticeably causes it to crack, before slamming down to the ground causing a large geyser to erupt around them, leaving a rainbow overhead momentarily afterwards while they spread their wings and roar for a bit (with no roar effect), leaving them wide open for a counterattack.


Zenaserisu are extremely aggressive but also rather smart creatures.


Zenaserisu has only been found living in the Painted Waterfalls.

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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General Notes

  • The head can be wounded and both "fingers" can be severed and carved along with the tail.
  • When enraged it huffs water, many of the white parts of its body turn a deep red, and the blue parts of the wing membranes turn a darker blue with water seemingly flowing across the membranes as well.
  • Zenaserisu's design and concept was based on Bats[1].

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