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Zenaserisu are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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Zenaserisu are unique and dangerous monsters that has a body similar to Berukyurosu. They have black scales covering their bodies with some red lines on their unique tails and tentacle-like long spiky whips on their wings. Zenaserisu has long ears that are similar to bats with red tipped black spikes on top of their back through tail, blue fins on the sides of their tails, and long sharp webbed feet.

In Rage Mode, Zenaserisu most of their body will turn red with the flying membranes on their wings looks like running water.


Zenaserisu are capable of shooting a sweeping stream of water from their mouths. Similar to Berukyurosu, Zenaserisu are able to use their wings with tentacle-like long spiky whips on them in ways that will be difficult for hunters to get close to them. They can shoot a giant water orb in the air to hit it with one of their wings, causing mini water orbs to fall down around them.

Zenaserisu can shoot a stream of water in the ground to slam on it, causing a big area to be cover by a huge amount of water coming out from the ground. After they finished this attack, Zenaserisu will roar and spread their wings out causing a rainbow to appear above them temporary.


Zenaserisu only lives in the Painted Waterfalls.

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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  • The head can be wounded and both hookclaws can be severed along with the tail.
  • Zenaserisu's design and concept was based on Bats[1].

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