Zenith Anorupatisu are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Zenith Anorupatisu shares an incredibly similar look to its standard counterpart, however, it's already impressive nose horn has further developed. It sports a larger, triangular shape and a white color, compared to the darker blues of the standard species.

The design motif appears to be modeled after a torpedo.


Like the normal Anorupatisu Zenith Anorupatisu can send ice shards at hunters to damage them in various ways, with a "backflip" attack similarly to a Rathian, flying around in a sort of bombing raid, or breathing blasts of vapor that form three shards in a spread shot. It will also use a new digging attack where it will home in on a hunter as it drills into the ice. Whilst it is hidden underground, it selects a target (indicated by three quick flashes of ice underneath their feet) before drilling up underneath them and landing, producing a wide area of Zenith Tremor.

Starting at 2★ (GR400) Zenith level, Zenith Anorupatisu is able to utilize a double sweeping dragon beam, without needing to have taken any damage. At 4★ (GR800) Zenith level, Zenith Anorupatisu gains a powerful one-shot attack, where it jams its horn into the ice underneath a hunter, and launches them into the air. A short cutscene will play for any Hunters thrown into the air, where Zenith Anorupatisu flies up and drives the unlucky person into the ground, burying them in the ice. This attack cannot be mitigated with any armor skills, Halk Potions, Lifepowders from team mates or Farcasters, it guarantees a faint

Zenith Anorupatisu utilizes Zenith Roars and Zenith Tremors, as well as Extreme Iceblight from its breath attacks. Despite using Dragon Element attacks, Zenith Anorupatisu will not inflict Extreme Dragonblight.

Breaking the nose-horn of Zenith Anorupatisu will remove its ability to cause Zenith Quakes and Zenith roars, allowing hunters larger windows of opportunity to attack.


Zenith Anorupatisu behave relatively the same as normal individuals but overall more aggressive.


Zenith Anorupatisu can be seen living in the Polar Sea.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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Music Themes

MHFZ_GR200_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr200/400)
MHFZ_GR600_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr600)
MHFZ_GR800_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr800)


General Notes

  • Zenith Anorupatisu's horn can be broken, its wings can be wounded, and its tail can be severed.
  • Zenith Anorupatisu's developed part is its horn.

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