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Zenith Hyujikiki are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z

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Evolved Hyujikiki that's larger and more intimidating than their counterpart. Their fur is golden instead of a dull color with a back full of huge developed copper, silver tipped spikes along their necks. Their tail spikes are longer and more pronounced in addition to its pair of horns. The spikes and claws on their forewings are a light copper color.


Unlike Hyujikiki, the heavily developed spikes on their backs have the ability to attract bolts of electricity during lightning storms and cause profuse bleeding. Zenith Hyujikiki is unique however, in that when hit by one of it's spike attacks a large spike will become inserted into the hunter, which if not rolled off in time will call down lightning to do massive damage to the hunter and anything in the immediate area. When in rage mode, Zenith Hyujikiki bodies will be covered in a golden aura which causes heavy rain to appear in their area. In this state it is capable of jumping into the air and raining down massive spikes that home into the hunters and impale them. After getting impaled they will be strick by lightning and instantly die unless under the effects of a halk pot, login boost, or premium course. Interestingly, a "Shrunken Status Sac" is able to be obtained from Zenith Hyujikiki, the description of which states that the sac used for inflicting status on the hunter becomes malshapen and unusable in the process of becoming a Zenith.


Zenith Hyujikiki lives in the Highland to use their huge spikes to attract lightning storms. However, they can also be seen in the Fortress Ruins like their counterpart.

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Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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  • Zenith Hyujikiki's horns, back and wing claws can be broken and the tail tip can be severed.

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