Zenith Hyujikiki are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Evolved Hyujikiki that sport a much more metallic color scheme, with brighter gold fur, lighter colored membranes, larger differently shaped copper colored horns with shiny gold tips, light copper spikes on its wings, with the claws on all limbs matching, a yellow tint to the white fur, and the needles are now copper colored with some having silver tips. The tail needles are now extended at all times, but the most significant change is the needles on Zenith Hyujikiki's back, they are a little higher in number, in addition to many of them being significantly larger, specifically the ones closest too and on the neck. In the "Storm Phase" an electric aura will be radiating around Zenith Hyujikiki.


Zenith Hyujikiki share much of the same abilities as the normal ones, but the most noteworthy change is the heavier semi-metallic needles. Due to the changes to become like this the twisters no longer carry the needles, and Zenith Hyujikiki cannot use its venom anymore. To make up for this the needles Zenith Hyujikiki throws are much sharper piercing and inducing severe bleeding onto those struck by them, it also makes use of a few new attacks such as a roll which leaves clumps of needles in its wake, although some attacks normal Hyujikiki has are absent. Notably the needles will be stuck in the hunters that are struck by, or walk over the clumps of them.

The most change happens during the "Storm Phase". The needles thrown will now attract bolts of lightning, which includes the ones that get stuck in hunters if they do not roll to get them off, and Zenith Hyujikiki gets a new attack where its eyes will flash red before it leaps into the air and throws larger needles directly at the hunters, which will call lightning down almost immediately upon landing or hitting a hunter, more often than not resulting in death in the latter case.


Zenith Hyujikiki are immensely hostile just like regular ones.


Zenith Hyujikiki lives in the Highland primarily. However, they can also be seen in the Fortress Ruins also like their counterparts.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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Music Themes

MHFZ_GR200_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr200/400)
MHFZ_GR600_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr600)
MHFZ_GR800_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr800)


General Notes

  • Zenith Hyujikiki's developed part is its back.
  • Zenith Hyujikiki's horns, back and wing claws can be broken and the tail tip can be severed.
  • When enraged the silver tips of the needles turn a shiny gold, matching the horns.
  • Interestingly, a "Shrunken Status Sac" is able to be obtained from Zenith Hyujikiki, the description of which states that the sac used for inflicting status effects on the hunters has become malshapen, shrunken and unusable.

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