Zenith Khezu are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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Evolved Khezu that are unique and terrifying than their counterparts. Zenith Khezu faces throughout the years develop to become an odd shape with formed crest-like structures. Their backs even grew a single row of small spikes throughout the development.

When in Rage Mode, the side, under, and top of Zenith Khezu necks glow blue.


Zenith Khezu has the same attacks of Khezu, but their advance and they have a few new attacks of their own. Whenever they jump, Zenith Khezu will release wide range of lightning by slamming on the ground. They're capable of shooting lightning spheres out of their mouths that release explosions of electricity.

When using their tails on the ground to shoot lightning spheres out of their mouths, Zenith Khezu are capable shooting over of a dozen of lightning sphere projectiles. Zenith Khezu even shoots lightning spheres behind them while their tails are on the ground, before releasing a wide range electric blast from their mouths causing pillars of lightning to burst around them on the ground.

When charging, Zenith Khezu can channel electricity in the ground to cause lightning pillars to burst out around them. Zenith Khezu are capable of breaking the ground by slamming their faces on it with their stretchable necks before shooting electricity out of their mouths into the air.

If hunters get hit by one of their neck swipe attacks, Zenith Khezu will jump on one of them to swallow the one hunter whole which is an automatic KO pinned attack. After swallowing the hunter, Zenith Khezu lets out piercing roars to hurt hunters nearby.

Unlike Khezu, Zenith Khezu are capable of running on all fours on the ground while being covered in electricity to chase hunters.


Like Khezu, Zenith Khezu can be seen living in the Snowy Mountains, Swamp, and Fortress Ruins.

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