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Zenith Midogaron are Fanged Beasts introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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An evolved Midogaron that are slightly larger and fierce than their counterpart. The mohawk-like mane that extended their heads through tails has further developed to have longer violet ones instead of an orange short ones. The spikes on their heads grew longer with a pinkish color, while the rest of them on their necks through tails grew slightly larger with the same color as the ones on their heads. Zenith Midogaron's fur on its face and legs has the same violet color as the developed extended mane. Their claws heavy developed to have longer violet ones instead orange short ones with violet flame-like spikes on the back of their legs. Zenith Midogaron has grew longer pair of fangs.

When enraged, Zenith Midogaron will have orange stripes, an orange face, and white tipped violet mohawk-like mane.

When not enraged, Zenith Midogaron's orange stripes will turn into grayish ones and mohawk-like mane only has a violet color which look similar to a calm Midogaron.


Unlike Midogaron, Zenith Midogaron will sometimes let out a powerful howl-like roar before immediately running around the hunter to make a fire tornadoes which do devastating damage when inside them. Sometimes in the beginning of a battle, Zenith Midogaron will shoot a fire sphere in the sky to allow fire spheres to rain down upon hunters. When holding a fire spheres in their mouths, Zenith Midogaron will sometimes run incredible speeds to leave fire trails behind them which hunters should avoid.

Also, like canines, Zenith Midogaron are capable of digging in the ground to throw chucks of lava at hunters. When they are finish digging the ground, Zenith Midogaron will cover their face in lava which it will shorty left themselves open for hunters attacking them.

Like Zenith Rathalos, Zenith Midogaron fire-based attacks will have hunters with a max health bar see their health depleted away until the new ailment wears off.

Zenith Midogaron will gain a multiple flash-step attack in 2★ (GR400) and above Zenith Level Quests, where it will appear to teleport multiple times around the arena before appearing in front of any one hunter to use its short range breath attack. If hunters are able to damage Zenith Midogaron during the fire breath, it will stagger and fall over, leaving itself open to attacks.


Zenith Midogaron lives in the Volcano and Battleground.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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  • Zenith Midogaron's developed parts are his limbs.

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