Zenith Plesioth are Piscine Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Evolved Plesioth that are larger and more intimidating than their counterparts. The big fin on their backs has heavily developed into a larger sail that's similar to a Dimetrodon's. Their heads in addition to having lighter scales have also heavily developed, now sporting a large, light blue tipped head fin with several light blue hooked spikes lining each side of it. Additionally, they have developed five long and jagged tusks located on the side of their lower jaws. Lastly, they have short and spiked appendages instead of normal fins on the side of their heads.


Unlike Plesioth, Zenith Plesioth bodies produces green gel-like substances that aids them in battle by trapping hunters inside them. They will coat themselves in the substance by upchucking a large blob of it and flopping around in it for a few seconds, after this by wiggling, or moving their bodies including the "chicken walk", they fling this substances at hunters as well leaving large globs of it everywhere. Zenith Plesioth can also Hip Check the substance on hunters and flap their wings in front of them. If hunters get trap by the green gel-like substances, their health decrease rapidly as they drown in it.

Instead of shooting highly pressurized jets of water, Zenith Plesioth shoots a huge volume of the same green substances out of their mouths. If Zenith Plesioth covered in the green substances hit hunters with physical attacks, the hunters will get the Waterblight.

Surprisingly, Zenith Plesioth are also capable of letting out very loud roars unlike their normal counterparts. If green gel-like substances are near them, Zenith Plesioth loud roars moves them.

Zenith Plesioth also have a double Hip Check.


Zenith Plesioth are much more aggressive compared to normal individuals.


Zenith Plesioth can be seen living in the Desert.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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General Notes

  • Zenith Plesioths developed part is its head.
  • Zenith Plesioths head, back fin, legs and tail can be wounded.

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