Zenith Rathalos are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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Evolved Rathalos that are larger and more fierce than their counterpart. Zenith Rathalos's body resembles that of the Old World Silver Rathalos. Their large white-reddish forewings that developed over the years has eleven pairs of claws, and wing membranes which feature dark crimson ornate patterns and a flame texture. The face of Zenith Rathalos looks almost identical to Old World Silver Rathalos, but with further developed spikes, a bright red chin, reddish-white scales on their cheeks, and palish green eyes. Lastly, Zenith Rathalos's tail has the same flame texture as their wing membranes.


Unlike Rathalos, Zenith Rathalos are capable of performing combos with their developed wings more than using flame bites and charging at hunters in close range. Also, like Silver Rathalos, they mostly prefer aerial attacks to ground-based ones.

Zenith Rathalos do have poisonous talons like their counterpart and most of their relatives. However, they have something new for their fire-based attacks that hunters should be very cautious about. If hit by these fire projectiles, or other fire-based attacks, hunters that have a max health bar will see their whole bar slowly depleted away until the new ailment wears off.

Like Supremacy Teostra, Zenith Rathalos tends to temporary set themselves on fire by shooting a fireball that makes a fire tornado which it later goes inside of, causing a big explosion. This causes their wings and tails to set on fire for a long period of time. Zenith Rathalos are capable of creating fiery gusts by flapping its developed wings hard.

Similar to Berukyurosu's thunder slam attack, Zenith Rathalos will slam onto the ground to cause line of fire pillars to erupt. Also, they are capable of shooting multiple fireballs in a row while on the ground.


Zenith Rathalos might be the most dangerous Rathalos that ever lived as they frequently set their wings and tails on fire while combating with hunters, and create a lot of destruction by flapping them hard enough to spawn strong fiery gust.


Unfortunately, they stay in the Volcano as their developed bodies require extremely hot temperatures in order for them to ignite their bodies while fighting against hunters and other predators roaming the area. However, they can occasionally be seen in the Fortress Ruins and Interceptor's Base.

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