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In-Game Information

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  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Infraorder: Armor Shell Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Flying Wyvern
  • Family: Rath

A Rathalos that has been flying constantly for many years, Zenith Rathalos is a deadly Zenith Species rarely seen by hunters.

Habitat Range

Zenith Rathalos have been witnessed in the Volcano and occasionally the Interceptor's Base.

Ecological Niche

Rathalos fear almost nothing else found in their habitat range, except other large predators and Elder Dragons. Rathalos may prey on lesser wyverns, particularly bird wyverns such as Jaggi, Velociprey and their alpha forms or pelagus such as Bullfango. Only certain predators in a Rathalos' territory are strong enough to fight back if a Rathalos is attacking. Foremost among them are other wyverns and large monsters that live in the same habitat. 

Biological Adaptions

Zenith Rathalos have many of the same adaptions as Rathalos, however, there is a few differences between them. After many years of flying, Zenith Rathalos's wings have developed to be bigger and stronger than a normal Rathalos's wings. Its wings have even developed small protrusions, allowing it to attack foes with them. Zenith Rathalos can even set its own wings on fire, when enraged by a foe. Each flap of its wings can easily send blazing flames at foes, leaving the land around it scorched. It is able to set its wings on fire by producing a unique marrow in its body, which is rarely used by normal Rathalos. Much like its wings, its tail will be covered in fire when enraged by an enemy. Similar to Dreadking Rathalos's scales, Zenith Rathalos's are scorching hot to the touch. With too much heat, some of its scales are known to emit light. These particular scales are untouchable due to the immense amount of heat that radiates from them. Even its claws constantly radiate with heat,


Zenith Rathalos is far more dangerous than others of its kind. From this Rathalos constantly trying to annihilate enemies with its immense firepower, few hunters are actually allowed to hunt down this rarely seen individual.


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