Zenith Rukodiora are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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Evolved Rukodiora that are unique and more dangerous than their counterpart. The three horns on their head developed differently to be longer and sharper with an orange color. They have four sharp claws with the same color as their horns. Their wings are heavily developed to have a pair of large orange claw tips with flying membranes that are a mix of light blueish and purple. Lastly, they have a second pair of wings behind the front ones and larger spines on their tails.


Zenith Rukodiora do have some of the same attacks of Rukodiora, but are a lot stronger then their counterpart.

Unlike Rukodiora, Zenith Rukodiora are capable of lifting large boulders surrounding them with their advance magnetic fields while flying. When spotting hunters, Zenith Rukodiora will land on the ground to trap the hunters beside them with the boulders. After a while, They will let out a powerful roar that hurt the hunters and break the boulders trapping them.

Zenith Rukodiora are capable of making a black reddish spheres on their backs while causing small red blackish magnetic fields to appear in front of them. When the spheres are completely charged, Zenith Rukodiora will use their wings to release them to shoot a devastating blast at hunters.

In certain attacks, Zenith Rukodiora can spawn black substances off the ground to hit hunters. If hit by these, hunters will get a special Dragonblight that prevents them to natural recovery their health and slowly takes a chunk of health away. Zenith Rukodiora also have KO pinned attack by using the black substances.


Zenith Rukodiora can be seen living in the Interceptor's Base and Desert.

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