Zenith Tigrex are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Evolved Tigrex that are larger and more vicious than their counterparts. Their forewings developed blue spikes on the wing tip, silver spikes near their claws and metal colored scales on their arms. Their front claws increased in size heavily, while also gaining the same silver plating found on Zenith Tigrex's arms. Their tails developed more spikes and more mass in general, while the ear-like horns on their heads became longer and sharper.

When enraged, Zenith Tigrex's usually green eyes turn red and leave a red trail, much like Nargacuga's.


Unlike Tigrex, Zenith Tigrex are capable of causing shock waves by slamming their front claws on the ground. They are also capable of sending out sharp wind projectiles by either spinning around, biting, or swinging one of their arms at hunters. When hit by these projectiles, hunters will be affected by a new bleeding ailment which - unlike Seregios's - can't be cured by crawling, instead a hunter must use a special item to get rid of it.

Once Zenith Tigrex smell the blood of an affected hunter, they will enter Rage Mode and try to chase down that particular hunter. Going crazy in the process, they start to relentlessly attack the hunter and try to pin them down. If successful, Zenith Tigrex will start feeding on the pinned hunter violently.

Like Akantor, Zenith Tigrex's further developed lungs allow them to emit roar that produces a large tornado. However, unlike Akantor, Zenith Tigrex are able to move their bodies at a 360 degree angle while using this special roar, making it even more dangerous.


Zenith Tigrex might very well be the most brutal and vicious Flying Wyverns of all time. When attacking a hunter or prey, they focus on heavily wounding their target. If successful, the prey will start to bleed and Zenith Tigrex will, much like sharks, go into a feeding frenzy and become even more dangerous and relentless than they already are.


Like their counterparts, Zenith Tigrex are highly adaptable and will travel far and wide in search of prey.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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Music Themes

MHFZ_GR200_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr200/400)
MHFZ_GR600_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr600)
MHFZ_GR800_辿異種モンスターのBGM MHF-Z: Zenith Monster Theme (hr800)


General Notes

  • Zenith Tigrex's developed parts are its forelimbs.
  • Breaking Zenith Tigrex's parts reduces the range of many of its attacks and makes the parts broken no longer able to cause Bleeding.

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