Hypnocatrice Rare Species
日文 ヒプノック希少種
(Hipunokku Kishō-shu)
英文 Hypnocatrice Rare Species
(Pale Sleep Bird)
怪物品種 鳥龍種
自身屬性 N/A
異常攻擊 StatusEffect01
屬性相剋 Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon Ice
虛弱表現 Limping
招牌動作 Jumping kicks
棲息地 Great Forest Peak, Dark Veil Forest
體積大小 Gold Crown Large 1648.1
Gold Crown Small 751.4
相關魔物 Hypnocatrice
Breeding Season Hypnocatrice
次世代 Frontier

Hypnocatrice Rare Species is a Subspecies of Hypnocatrice introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 3.5. It is known to inhabit the Great Forest Peak and can be encountered at HR71 and above.


This subspecies is covered in cobalt and silver plumage. It has extremely powerful legs and a highly potent sleep sac. Its eyes are a deep red.


Hypnocatrice Rare Species is capable of much more powerful kicks and can utilize its sleep sac to a more advanced degree than the common species.


It is only found in one area, the Great Forest Peak, high above the Great Forest. Very few other species of monster can be found there.

Game Appearances编辑

Chronological Appearances
首次出現於歐美版 首次出現於日本版 最後出現於版本
None Logo-MHFOS3.0 JP (2008) Logo-MHF-G8 (2015)

In-Game Description编辑

Monster Hunter Frontier G
70px (?)
Monster Hunter Online
70px (?)
Threat Level (危険度): !!!!


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